Artwork plays a crucial role in the printing process, providing the visual content that will be reproduced on various printed materials. Whether it’s for posters, brochures, business cards, or any other printed medium, we are here to help you with your artwork to ensure the accurate and high-quality representation of the intended design.

PDF File Format

Where possible, please provide us with PDF files to ensure compatibility with printing equipment and software. This format will always generate the best results for printing.

If your PDF is too large to send to us via email, feel free to send us a link to your drop box, or bring it in on a USB.

CMYK Colour Mode

Understanding the colour mode is crucial for accurate colour reproduction. CMYK is used for printing while RGB is used for digital displays such as your phone or computer screen.

Please ensure you are using CMYK colour mode for printing purposes to maintain colour consistency.

Bleed and Margins

Adding bleed and setting appropriate margins ensures that important elements in the artwork do not get cut off during the printing and trimming process.

A bleed area of at least 3mm extends the artwork beyond the final trim size, allowing colour / graphics to print to the edge of the finished print. For example, if you were printing A4 flyers with 3mm bleed, the file would go from the standard A4 size of 297 x 210mm to 303 x 216mm.

Margins of at least 5mm from the edge is recommended to ensure all of your important information and graphics are not at risk of being trimmed off in the finishing process.


Image resolution is a critical factor to consider when preparing images for printing. It refers to the number of pixels per inch (PPI) or dots per inch (DPI) that make up an image.

The resolution directly affects the clarity, sharpness, and level of detail in the printed output. The standard resolution for professional printing is typically 300 DPI.

Text and Font

Paying attention to font sizes, styles, and readability is vital for printed materials. It is recommended for text to be larger than 6pt. Remember to view your PDFs at 100% on your screen to get a better understanding of how readable the text is, instead of zooming in.

If you are having issues with your fonts in your PDF, embedding fonts or outlining text can help to ensure that the intended typography is maintained during printing.

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