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Why printed flyers still have an important place in the modern world

on Thursday, 01 March 2018. Posted in Flyers

Why Printed Flyers Still Have An Important Place In The Modern World 640x522 E9384197652f530c5d057389e1149bd0

If you listen to some people, the whole world only exists now in an online state. All communication is through social media or by email, they contend. This is probably stated with great conviction. Mind you, they would probably be pretty upset if, on their birthday, no post came tumbling through their letter box! Or no-one bothered to choose, write, and send a Christmas card. 

There are still many situations and occasions where an in-your-hand physical piece of communication is appreciated. This is equally true of the business world. Suppose you were holding a show, sale or exhibition, taking part in a trade fair, or simply wanting to promote your business location. Yes, you'll most likely carry out online promotion activities for such occasions.

But, and it can be a big but, in most cases, such communications have to be found by others. This might be through website searches or exploring social media. Emails can easily be lost amongst the constant blizzard of such communications.

Draw physical attention to your business

The use of high-quality single, spot or full colour flyers helps draw physical attention to whatever you wish to promote. This can be through handing them out in a specific area, say close to your location or in a geographical area where you are holding an event, specific places you want to draw more custom from, or simply to introduce yourself to those living or working there.

Equally, undertaking a flyer printing project is a great way to introduce a time-specific or time-limited event. This might be a short-term sale, a specific promotion, a special occasion. In the longer term, flyers are also thoroughly mobile; you can take them with you wherever your business might be taking place. Of course, through such promotions you can also attract new visitors to your website or social media presence.

Flyers are also flexible in size and shape

Here at Cove Print, as long-established printers in Adelaide - soon to reach our quarter-century - we regularly create flyers in a variety of sizes from A6 right up to A3, and on a selection of great papers from 80gsm bond through to glossy 150gsm stock. So, in what ways could your business promote itself powerfully and effectively through the use of flyers?

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