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Offset vs Digital Printing


What are the advantages of digital printing?

  • Less time and expense involved in setting up a file to print, resulting in shorter turnaround and delivery times
  • Digital printing provides a more accurate proof since you see a sample of the printed item on the actual stock
  • Each print is virtually identical due to no colour shift during the print run, with accurate counts and less wastage
  • Cheaper low volume printing, as setup costs associated with digital provide a lower per unit cost for small print runs
  • The ability to customise blocks of text and graphics on the fly using variable data from a database or external file
  • Minimal environmental impact due to a reduction of waste and chemicals during the digital printing process

What are the advantages of offset printing?

  • Consistently high image quality, reproducing exceptionally sharp and clean text, vibrant graphics and images
  • Wide range of specialty stocks including carbon coated paper, cardboard, plastic and more can be printed on
  • Cost effectiveness of high volume commercial print runs, the cost per unit decreases as the quantity increases
  • Offset printing reproduces more precise spot colours due to using the Pantone® Matching System (PMS) inks
  • The ability to use varnish coatings and specialised premixed inks such as metallics and fluorescent colours
  • Precision image positioning and registration to aid finishing processes such as foiling, embossing and die cutting

Digital Vs Offset Printing

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