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5 tips for ordering wedding invitations

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5 Tips for Ordering Wedding Invitations

  1. Time Frame.  You should send your invites out around 2-3 months before the wedding.  Allow 1 week for snail mail – from post office to guest’s letterbox.  Allow around 2 weeks for production. This includes – initial ordering and discussion, proofing and then printing them.
  2. Make sure when calculating the amount of invites needed you remember that most invites will more than one person on them. For example if you have 100 people coming to the wedding you will usually need around 70-80 inviations.
  3. Don’t put too much information on the actual invitation.  List only the key points on your invitation: ceremony time and location, the hosts, the couple’s names, the dress code (optional) and RSVP information. Trying to squeeze too much onto the invitation card can make it harder to read — and it won’t look as elegant. Put things like directions to your wedding venue and details about post wedding activities on separate enclosure cards. 

  4. Be sure to double check the Proof!  Before your invitations are printed, you will see a proof, it is important that you read over it carefully but all have your English-major friend or a grammar-savvy bridesmaid check it too. You’d be surprised at the things you may miss (pay special attention to details like date and time and spelling).
  5. Order extra’s!  If you are having them individually named order some blank ones for those last minute decisions or for the long distance relatives you’ve missed!
  6. Do as much of the putting together as possible.  You can save

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