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Why flyers are an excellent advertising tool, even in the digital age

on Friday, 01 November 2019. Posted in Printing

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Developments in technology have quickly changed the word of advertising, yet flyers are still being used by professionals, entrepreneurs and activists all across the world. While some may say flyers are old fashioned and a thing of the past, printing flyers remains a cheap, convenient and effective form of advertising in today's increasingly digital world. In this article, our expert printers in Adelaide outline 3 key benefits of flyers, and discuss why they are still important today.

1. They're economical

Flyers are a budget-friendly way to spread a message and get people thinking about a product, issue or brand. Rather than paying for ads on social media platforms, you can get your flyers done with your local printers in Adelaide for a fraction of the cost. If you don't know how to go about constructing an appealing flyer, you can hire a freelance designer to do it for you. You may be surprised at how little this costs. All in all, flyers tend to provide a high return on investment.

2. They attract people

Flyers are still relevant and in use because they are effective. It is easy to get your flyers into the public's hands, you just have to hand them out or pin them up in a busy location where people from your target audience tend to hang out. Many cafes, restaurants, gyms, universities and schools will be happy to have your flyer on their wall.

3. They add a personal touch

People love tangible things. Flyers allow your potential audience to have something they can put their hands on or even take home, meaning they will at least think about your message later on in the day. Additionally, flyers add a personal touch. Whereas online advertisements often feel cold and removed, physically handing out your flyers with a smile will help create a personal relationship with your potential customers.

Thinking of printing flyers? Contact Cove Print, the leading expert printers in Adelaide. Whether it's flyers, business cards, invitations or something else, we have the tools and expertise to provide you with high-quality prints you can rely on.

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