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on Monday, 01 October 2018.

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Using business cards to increase traffic to your company's website - where customers can purchase products, join your mailing list, or sign up for services - is a powerful marketing strategy with today's tech-savvy customers. Here are three great ways to get started.

Include your email address and website details

Make sure your business card includes your online contact details. Small errors make a big difference in an email address or website URL, so use an easy-to-read font, and have someone else test the links for you. Providing these details is mostly useful for people who have already decided to explore your services further, and just seeing a website listed won't make someone leap online to read more. It might, however, be the nudge a person needs to take the next step.

Harness the power of QR codes

QR codes are special barcodes which people can scan with their smartphone. You can link a QR code to anything online, such as a page of your website which lists special offers, a query form, a map to your office, or a video presentation about your services. If your customers are using smartphones, QR codes can get them online and looking at what you want them to see quickly and easily.

Include a special discount code

If you sell things via an online shop, why not put a special code word on your business cards, which customers can use to get a discount or special offer on their first order? As an added bonus, you'll know exactly how many orders are coming via your business cards, because they'll be the ones coming through with that code.

Remember: use quality cards

If you want to use business cards to increase traffic to your website, professional business card printing is a must. Poorly-printed cards are hard to read, blurry QR codes may not work, and discount codes won't convince anyone to shop if they perceive your company as unprofessional. To print high-quality business cards Adelaide wide, contact Cove Print today for more information and a quote from our friendly staff.

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