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Proven Ways To Gain Long-Time Visibility For Your Company

on Wednesday, 01 May 2019. Posted in Printing

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In an age of digital marketing, many people are of the opinion that business cards are an out of date form of getting your company out there. But this simply isn’t the case and having a stack of cards on your desk or in your coat pocket can bring you valuable returns. Here are some reasons why:


1. Professionalism

Nothing exudes sophistication more than a well-designed business card. After a meeting with a potential client or partner, show them that you really know your stuff by whipping out your contact details from your briefcase. While others are fumbling for pens to exchange contact details, simply hand out your ready-made card to escape the chaos.

2. A personal touch

It’s all well and good having a mailing list to regularly send out your newsletter, but when was the last time clients really felt like they connected with your company? A business card with your name on gives them that sorely missing human element. If you want employees to give out cards, a great idea is having a blank section for them to write their names in. This way, clients remember who they spoke to and feel extra appreciated.

3. Encourage communication

Maybe you bumped into a potential client in an unexpected place and mentioned how your business could help them. They might seem interested, but in an informal setting it’s unlikely they’ll be noting down your number or address. Chances are, they’ll forget your company name by the time they arrive home that evening, meaning you just missed out on a great opportunity. A business card takes seconds to offer but will be a physical reminder of your meeting for weeks or months to come.

4. Build your brand

A business card is another way to get your brand across to your audience. Often the first impression clients have, it’s important to get it right. Make sure your design and colour scheme is in line with who you are. Using professional printing services means your cards will have that top-quality finish you strive for in your products or services too.

Contact Cove Print today for the most reliable printing Adelaide has to offer. Whether its business cards, invitations, or something else, our expertise and dedication ensure you receive prints of a high standard time and time again.

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