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The 3 Ps of professional poster printing

on Wednesday, 01 August 2018. Posted in Posters, Flyers

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Posters are a tried and tested marketing method that have been used for decades to convey messages and promote products. Poster design has come a long way since the days of hand-drawn images, now businesses of all sizes can make a powerful impact with digitally printed posters. Take a look at below at the '3 Ps' of professional poster printing.

1. Purpose

Your purpose is the most important thing to determine before you begin to design your poster. Ask yourself; what is this poster trying to achieve? It could be to promote a service or product, to advertise a sale or promotion or simply to showcase your organisation. Either way, the purpose is the deciding factor on how to move forward, what type of design to go for and what sorts of images and wording will be needed to get your point across.

2. People

Defining your target audience is the best way to ensure that your design appeals to the right people. Different people will react positively to different styles, and this can be dependent on age or demographic among other factors. For example, bright, colourful images are more likely to capture the attention of children than posters with too much text and information. On the opposite end of the spectrum a clear, concise design is much more likely to appeal to serious professionals or business people.

3. Printing

It may seem obvious, but the way you choose to print your poster really will make a big difference to its success. If you settle for a poor quality printer then your poster could have blurry images and hard-to-read fonts. Not only does this prevent your poster from being eye-catching, but it also makes your business look unprofessional. You should always use a high-quality printing service so that potential customers take you seriously and trust your business to be professional and worth checking out. If you are looking for printers in Adelaide then contact Cove Print today. We offer a professional, high-quality printing service for posters and many other marketing materials including flyers, banners and newsletters.

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