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Making the most of compliment slips and magnets

on Monday, 13 August 2018. Posted in Magnets

Making The Most Of Compliment Slips And Magnets 640x425 C06a1936fe827f387ff9bf35710a7aa2

As a business, it's obvious that you want your message to be seen as often, and by as many people, as possible. But that's really only half the promotional story. When any individual notices your promotional piece, it should improve brand recognition, say something important to them, and then encourage them to take some kind of action.

Here are some ways to make this happen with two regularly-used promotional devices:

Making the most of compliment slips

These can often be bland, anonymous and impersonal. You might add personalisation simply by writing 'With compliments from [named individual] @ [company name]'. This encourages the customer to know you are 'someone to contact when...' If appropriate, your compliment slips could even include a photo. You might extend the idea further, in a more light-hearted and friendly way, with a team photo, plus an arrow to highlight a specific individual. This would give an excellent 'we all work together just for you' vibe.

You might also use a range of different messages to indicate that you are paying each specific customer attention, such as 'thanks for your enquiry' when you are including a brochure or catalogue, or 'thanks for your order' where appropriate. You might then add a discount code for a first or follow-up order. Add a brief hand-written personal end-note and signature for even more impact.

The wide-ranging power of fridge magnets

Thanks to their long-lasting qualities, they are always there to act as a reminder. Of course, they are often called 'fridge' magnets when they're actually just 'magnets'. They could equally find a home in a business setting attached to filing cabinets, metal wall or message boards, picture frames, or the backs of metal chairs.

So many places, but what about the message? It's too easy to make them simply another form of business card. Often, it would be more productive to include less information, and a short, powerful message. This could be to direct the customer to your website, to an order page or help line; acting as a constant reminder for when people are in a receptive frame of mind. Add your company name or logo and the invitation to take action is quickly complete.

As respected Adelaide Printers for almost a quarter of a century, our team here at Cove Print are ready to work with you to create powerful promotional messages across all the printed materials you use. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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