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Making the most of compliment slips and magnets

on Monday, 13 August 2018. Posted in Magnets

Making The Most Of Compliment Slips And Magnets 240x159 E2693842bbd1965412472b97152ebede

As a business, it's obvious that you want your message to be seen as often, and by as many people, as possible. But that's really only half the promotional story. When any individual notices your promotional piece, it should improve brand recognition, say something important to them, and then encourage them to take some kind of action.

Here are some ways to make this happen with two regularly-used promotional devices:

The 3 Ps of professional poster printing

on Wednesday, 01 August 2018. Posted in Posters, Flyers

The 3 Ps Of Professional Poster Printing 240x180 350bce23c5d8f1b764f8ec053246af16

Posters are a tried and tested marketing method that have been used for decades to convey messages and promote products. Poster design has come a long way since the days of hand-drawn images, now businesses of all sizes can make a powerful impact with digitally printed posters. Take a look at below at the '3 Ps' of professional poster printing.

Use your business cards to get customers online

on Monday, 01 October 2018.

Black And White Business Cards On Black Sm E7ee091bbe140764f7c556cf776f6f46

Using business cards to increase traffic to your company's website - where customers can purchase products, join your mailing list, or sign up for services - is a powerful marketing strategy with today's tech-savvy customers. Here are three great ways to get started.

Why business cards are still important in the digital age

on Tuesday, 02 October 2018.

Blank Template White Business Cards On Black P2W77WC2 5c07068c4d87cdffc8b56a005d3fa997

In an age of digital marketing, many people are of the opinion that business cards are an out of date form of getting your company out there. But this simply isn’t the case and having a stack of cards on your desk or in your coat pocket can bring you valuable returns. Here are some reasons why:

Why flyers are an excellent advertising tool, even in the digital age

on Friday, 01 November 2019. Posted in Printing

Signing A Contract Sm 6a058bea7a87670fbacc165e48a6d9e7

Developments in technology have quickly changed the word of advertising, yet flyers are still being used by professionals, entrepreneurs and activists all across the world. While some may say flyers are old fashioned and a thing of the past, printing flyers remains a cheap, convenient and effective form of advertising in today's increasingly digital world. In this article, our expert printers in Adelaide outline 3 key benefits of flyers, and discuss why they are still important today.

Why printed flyers still have an important place in the modern world

on Thursday, 01 March 2018. Posted in Flyers

Why Printed Flyers Still Have An Important Place In The Modern World 240x196 88838121fbc15fce9673772e6d686ed2

If you listen to some people, the whole world only exists now in an online state. All communication is through social media or by email, they contend. This is probably stated with great conviction. Mind you, they would probably be pretty upset if, on their birthday, no post came tumbling through their letter box! Or no-one bothered to choose, write, and send a Christmas card. 

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